Automating your online business

We work closely with our clients and have over two decades of experience guiding them to find the best software solutions to automate their business. Experienced in all sectors and with various SMEs, we can help your business achieve its goals and automate the process. The AI-powered solutions deliver outstanding results and lighten our client's workload.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve human problems with our software. We help businesses to lighten the workload and automate the process. Our software is more than just lines of codes. It makes companies run faster and more efficiently.

Our Vision

Our vision is to automate the process for businesses across all platforms. We are focused on high-quality solutions in making life easier and enhancing productivity with cutting edge technology.

Our Values

What defines us is the dedication to our client's success, the innovation that helps them achieve their goals, trust and personal responsibility.

Respect, Accountability, Honesty

We aim to be 100% transparent with our customers and help point out software issues and how it affects the overall process of their business. We work closely to ensure the right solutions and keep our customers well informed in every aspect of the development process.

Results & Customer Focused

We have a unique process with our clients understanding their business both inside and out to achieve the best solutions. All of our works are focused and results-driven. We focus on the best results making sure all goals are achieved.

Meet Our London Team

We have a positive can-do attitude toward our projects and believe we have the experience to help businesses grow fluidly. Our London team include creative and technical individuals with many skills and talents.

Our London Team

Meet our Dhaka Team

We have an incredible team of individuals at our Dhaka office. Our Dhaka office plays an integral part in our development, testing, debugging, and software maintenance operation.

Our Team

Let us help your business expand

We have talented designers, developers, and software engineers in our offices in the UK and Asia.


Our head office team are based in Croydon, South London. We are situated 20 minutes away from both Victoria and London Bridge.


Our Asian head office has a vibrant young, dynamic team of software engineers, designers and developers and is situated in the heart of Dhaka.


Frequently asked questions about GGLink


GGLink was established in March 2005.

Our Solutions

We offer many web solutions. Our major six solutions are:
1. eLearning websites
2. eCommerce websites
3. Customer Relationship Management (CMS) software
4. Booking websites
5. Networking websites
6. Health care systems software
You can connect with us here and fill in our online form with your requirements.

Our Services

GGLink offers two types of services. The first one we call ‘Our solutions’ Is the websites/platform we specialise in for our clients. These include:
1. e-Learning
2. e-Commerce
3. Booking
4. CRM
5. e-Networking
6. e-Health

The other ones are ‘Our Services’ where we provide bespoke services to our clients for their requirements or ongoing work. These include:
1. Project Consultation
2. Project Management
3. Design & Branding
4. Development
5. Testing & Debugging
6. Maintenance
Depending on the type of website you require, the more functions you add, the longer the design and development process. We also work alongside clients to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Our Team

We consist of two teams.
Our London team consists of project planners, account managers, software engineers and creative directors.
Our Dhaka team consists of, Software engineers, web developers, web designers, graphic designers and managing directors.
Our teams vary from 3 years to 19 years of experience in the industry.


We have provided web solutions and services to over 1,000 companies over the last 17 years.
Our team have had the invaluable experience of working on unique projects, including Mitsubishi, Ikea and Ben and Jerry.

Contact & Support

We are based at Marco Polo House, 3-5 Lansdowne Rd, Croydon CR0 2BX
We are based at Doreen Tower (level-10), House No:8-A/10, Dhanmondi, Dhaka - 1209
Monday - Friday ( 9AM - 5PM) - GMT
Monday - Friday ( 11:30AM - 9PM) GMT+6
Marco Polo House, 3-5 Lansdowne Rd, Croydon CR0 2BX
0808 1751749
Doreen Tower (level-10), House No:8-A/10, Dhanmondi, Dhaka - 1209

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