Customer, Staff Products, Service all in one place

A centralised system to boost your organisation growth?

Pay only for what you need

Get what your business needs to run efficiently. Our bespoke CRM will help your business run more effectively than off-shelf CRMs, where you have to pay additional fees for the services you don't use.

We work closely with you to understand your exact business requirements. Our team has 18 years of experience and has built CRMs for a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to well-established agencies.

Pay only for what you need

Very easy to use and always running

CRMs run for you 24/7 and keep you and your staff up to date with notifications and alerts on what has been completed, what needs attention and the ability to track the status of clients' contracts and employees' performances with its intuitive interface.

With a CRM system, you can centralise and optimise your business and streamline communications between you, your clients and employees. You will have speedier communications and gain better insights into both your workers and the overall progress of your business.

Monitor the progress of your business

Access your CRM anytime and anywhere with updates on sales and progress and the status of your orders. We help create a platform to integrate your business requirements and resolve any solution, including automation such as marketing campaigns.

When we create your CRM with you, it will allow you to gather data on your customer's interests via their purchase history so you can tailor your products or services to suit your client's needs. As a result, you can create better relationships with new and existing clients with personalised interactions.

Monitor the progress of your business

Our CRM comes with a wide range of functions; some of them are listed below

Key Features

Contact Manager

Lead Manager

Staff Manager

Opportunity Manager

Sales Manager

Marketing Automation

Campaign Management

Contract Manager

Subscription Manager

Reports and Dashboards Manager

Communication Manager

Enquiry Manager

Technologies we use

We build fantastic solutions for our clients with the latest technologies and protocols

Manage your business on mobile, on a laptop on the go

Amazing financial benefits our CRM adds to your business

Making administrative tasks easier

Manage a centralised database across all aspects of your business with a system allowing you to give cross-team access and the ability to manage the information you wish to share. Talk to us about what you need so we can tune it to work with you and your business.

Do not worry about changes you may need to make later. We tailor software for your requirements so you can expand it as your business grows and add new functions and modules as and when required.

Making administrative tasks easier

Claim Money back through R&D Tax Reliefs

Why pay ongoing monthly licence fees for off-shelf products when you can get one built as you need. In addition, you can claim the expenses of building your CRM by the UK government's R&D Tax relief.

If you are a UK based business and pay corporation tax, you may access funding to develop your CRM. Many companies are taking advantage now of the offer available for their software development to improve their services.

Increase efficiency levels

Since we have created CRMs for businesses, it has become clear that the standard ones available on the market could not handle particular needs. So, instead of a standard generic system, we build you a bespoke system designed precisely to your business requirements.

With our software, you can unite all departments in your business and automatically generate invoices for your client upon completing an order and your accounts department. You can also share details with your marketing department to track the process from order to feedback.

Everything in one platform

Financial Benefits Summary

Below is a summary of the projected financial benefits of the system.



Improved customers experience
Greater flexibility
Improved back-office functionality
Collaboration & Coordination
Decreased paperwork
Instant reporting suite
Marketing results & reports
Financial reporting
Improve internal communications
Improve workforce collaborations

Services included

  • Project Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Design & Branding
  • Development
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Maintenance


Complete our questionnaire, and one of our team members will contact you with the best solution. It is important to understand your exact requirements in order to create the best bespoke CRM for your business. We then get to building it and tailoring it around your business and the way it operates.


Once you are happy with the build, you will have an excellent CRM. In addition, you have the option to manage the platform with our team of experts and get regular system updates to make sure it runs smoothly, or you can host it with other providers.

How it works

We have the expertise to take your requirements, analyse them, and build a platform of your choice

Talk to an expert

Please fill in the form, and someone from our technical team will call you back. You will provide insight into your business and your main goal by giving as much information as possible. We are the perfect team to help you analyse the requirements, so they have a technical outline of your business and the direction you are taking it.

We have a wide range of options for you to get in touch with us, such as telephone, zoom calls, form fill up, or in-person meeting here at our office or yours.

Talk to an expert

Select package and account manager

Select package and account manager

After you consult with one of our team, they will advise you on the options to move your business forward. You will also be automatically assigned an account manager to connect with and answer your queries.

Your dedicated account manager will update you during the development process and work as a bridge between you and the development team.

Design & Develop

Once you select a package for your business, our designers and developers will start creating the platform. The process begins with wireframing and converting it into a professional design and then integrating design into the software.

Our developers will ensure your platform is a pixel perfect with all the functions and features you have approved.

Design & Develop

Test & Debug

Test & Debug

Our internal testing team will thoroughly test the System in various categories, and once it passes the test, You will try the System and let our team know of any changes you wish to make. We will implement your feedback to ensure it all flows seamlessly.

We take testing and debugging very seriously and go the extra length to ensure robust, safe, and secure.

Feedback & Approve

With the website designed and developed, you will test the System and let our team know of any changes you wish to make. We will implement your feedback to ensure it all flows seamlessly.

We will allow you to use the System entirely and ensure it has everything your business requires.

Feedback & Approve

Deliver & Launch

Deliver & Launch

With your feedback and full approval, we ensure that the website is fully secure and ready to go live. Then, we will host your website for you and monitor it to make sure it launches smoothly.

We will soft launch the platform and run some final checks to ensure it's ready for the world.

Some of our e-Commerce portfolios

We have had the Opportunity to serve 100s of clients. Some of them are listed below

Our Solutions FAQ

Check our frequently asked questions and answers

Getting started

There are no main criteria if you are looking to create a brand new eLearning platform from scratch or Redesign and develop an existing one
When you work with us, we will supply you with a questionnaire outlining the requirements to help us create your website.
Yes, all of our websites involve our team understanding the client's business and the types of courses they will offer. Then, we get to work on the website and tailor it to their requirements with the relevant details
No. This is because many systems are restricted depending on how and with which software they are built. So it may end up costing you a lot more than creating it from scratch with us


Our prices start from £9,999.00
No, we work in two main stages with our clients. First, we ask for a 50% deposit for the planning and design and development process when completing the website, and before it launches, we request the other 50% balance of the agreed total.
We normally ask for a 50% upfront payment for the project. We also give an alternative option where you can pay for milestones. We split the project down into different components and you pay for each mile stone upfront making it easier to may in installments along the way.
There are two different types of costs involved, first is the planning, design and development of the website we create for our clients. The second cost is the hosting, maintenance, and security, which allows your website to go live and handle the visitors on your platform.


Yes, you will have full access and right to all the codes
No - Proprietary
Yes, its custom built for your business only

Branding & Design

Yes, of course, you can. However, it is advised that you supply us with the raw files of the logo/design you choose to use as your branding, as it provides us with high-quality images of your brand.
Branding includes a logo tailored to suit your company and what you want to portray yourself. Then, you will be allocated a branding designer to work alongside.
First, we grasp the courses you offer to your students. We then create a wireframe to show the sequence of your website and how the visitor’s journey looks as a visitor and as a user. Finally, we start the design and building process with your approval of the user journey.


Everyone's requirements are different, so we use the relevant technologies to suit the type of program you decide to create.
Yes, we will supply you with login details to the system as it goes through the second stages of web development to look at its overall functions and give feedback on the progress.
Yes, you can. However, this involves additional costs. We advise you to inform us in the early stages of creation, preferably before or during the wireframing stage, to quote you correctly accordingly. Before the platform goes to development, there will be higher additional fees during the programming of the software.
Your account handler will update you regularly on the design and development process and may ask you for your input during creating the website to ensure it all goes smoothly with no glitches.

Testing & Debugging

Your feedback is important to us throughout the design and development. Therefore, we will supply you with login details to our CRM (Client Relationship Management) to communicate with you and get your input
Login to your CRM we supply you with, and your account manager will update you on the status of the process.


We offer various packages depending on the number of students you wish to create and the bandwidth of your program. Prices start from ??? Click here
We back up your platform when you host with us every 24 hours for security purposes.
We back up all your content daily. We also update your source files weekly.
We usually ask for a 50% upfront payment for the project. However, we also give an alternative option where you can pay for milestones. We split the project into different components, and you pay for each milestone upfront, making it easier to pay in instalments.
Yes. We build you an e-learning platform, and you have the option to host it with a third party. After you thoroughly test the system and are happy with the product. Please note: When the files are handed to you, we will not be responsible for the outcome with your third party hosting provider.

Training & Support

When we complete your project, our tech team will assist you to make sure you start on the right foot when using your platform.
Drop our tech team an email with your request, and one of our team members will get back to you.
We are available on hand from 09:00 to 18:00 UK time for all our customers.
You can contact us directly by clicking here.
Advise support is free to our new customers and accessible to customers on any maintenance packages.

CRM Platform

Your customer data is stored safely in an encrypted database that we create to high standards to ensure privacy for our customers, their staff, and clients. .
Yes, Of course, we ensure to use modular and scalable codes.
Many CRM is easy to integrate; however, it depends on how your current systems are created. Our IT team will gather all the required information to understand your current system and the modules/software. Then, our experts will help find a solution to adjust your current setup.
Of course. All businesses operate differently. We make sure we understand your business structure, how you work, and what you wish to achieve in the process. We ensure the software is programmed precisely as is required for all departments/sectors of your business so everyone can work together seamlessly.
Yes, all of your customer data is stored very safely and securely.

Cancellations & Refunds

After you consult with the tech team, the creation process takes place. You can cancel the project; however, you will be charged £145+ VAT per hour for consultation, planning, design, and development.
You can cancel the maintenance at the end of the 12 months of hosting you signed up for or before your new year of hosting starts.
If you decide to withdraw from the contract you will be liable for the number of hours carried out by our consultation, design and development work carried out at £145.00 p/h
All contracts are automatically renewed. To cancel the renewal, simply login to your account and, under settings, select my account, where you can cancel the hosting and maintenance.

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