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Requirement analysis and finalisation

With a detailed list of your requirements analysis, our team of designers and developers can work towards your goal and implement them. We first create HTML for your approved design to give you an insight into the look and feel of your website.

By working alongside us, you will be updated on every step of the process, and with your vital input, we can tailor it to your requirements.

Requirement analysis and finalisation
Overcoming technical hurdles

Overcoming technical hurdles

We avoid technical hurdles with or development process by gathering all relevant data and information needed to design and build your website. The scalability of your website is vital to us, and it is crucial that you can grow online with your website as your business grows.

We have a deep understanding of all platforms available to you for your business to succeed with the ability you take it to the next level.

Overcoming technical hurdles

Resource planning & with contingency

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” We take our planning very seriously, and it is our main priority from the very beginning. With a deeper understanding of your business, we help you with the technical aspects to put the required modules to make sure your business runs more effectively.

Many businesses don’t have contingency plans in place, which can negatively impact later down the line.

Resource planning & with contingency

We are a cutting-edge development agency, providing state of the art expertise, and help our clients to have strong online presence.

Key features of our services

Commenting & Documentation

Consistent Indentation

Code Grouping

Consistent Naming Scheme

Consistent Temporary Names

File and Folder Organization

Separation of Code and Data

DRY Principle

Alternate Syntax Inside Templates


Code Refactoring

Secure Code

Technologies we use

We build fantastic solutions for our clients with the latest technologies and protocols

Customer focused, maximising data use

Automate, optimise and grow digital

Automation to maximise profit

Automatisation is necessary to eliminate bottlenecks that can lead to a loss in time and revenues for many businesses. Our developers create a system in place for you to help increase productivity and give the visitor of your platform a better and more efficient user experience.

This helps reduce human intervention and error to a minimum and an automated system that acts effectively and efficiently.

Automation to maximise profit
Optimised Business operation

Optimised Business operation

Our software can have many advantages by automating the business process, so employees don’t have to. This helps reduce the overall costs and increase the efficiency of your business's general running.

With an automated system in place, you can put your time and energy into things that matter in the running of your business.

Optimised Business operation

Global growth prospect with ROI

You have the option to grow globally with your market. We can help you implement all the necessary amenities to ensure the visitor experience flows from the product description and languages used right through to the currency conversion and ability to accept global payments on your website.

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Financial Benefits Summary

Below is a summary of the projected financial benefits of the system.

Advantages Included
Automate your business
Cost reductions
Market expansion
Reduce human error
Increase efficiency
Reduce barriers to growth
Improve work collaboration
Increase productivity
Improve insights
Happier workforce

Price includes

  • Technical brief
  • Well documentated code
  • Documentations and guideline
  • Third party libraries
  • Development assets
  • Source Files

GGLink starts by listening to your business challenges, requirements and objectives. Then, with an understanding of your business, market and competitors, we combine our technical knowledge and find the best solutions for your business.

We aim to create the perfect solution for your business and help you lower the overall running costs. If you are ready to leap, get in touch.

How we work

We have the expertise to take your requirements, analyse them, and build a platform of your choice

How we work

Helping 1,000+ SMEs over the past 18 years

Some of our development projects

We have had the opportunity to serve 100s of clients. Some of them are listed below.

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Our Solutions FAQ

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A web developer can help you create any web project. However, they help overlook the technical aspects, including the website's building, maintenance, performance, and capacity.
Yes. Our qualified and experienced web developers can help small and medium-sized businesses create the perfect website to suit their requirements.
There are no restrictions on the amount of time. You can hire them for an hour, one day, or for a project that expands beyond a year.
Front-end web design
Back-end design
Website redesign
Security issues
Testing applications
Reviewing codes
Database management


Web developers can be hired as part of a project. Depending on the package you choose. Prices start from £115+ VAT per hour.
You can hire a web developer for as little as one hour, at £180+ VAT per hour.
We charge a 50% upfront development fee and the remainder upon project completion of the agreement.
All projects are different. If you purchase one of our products to be made bespoke for your business or an existing project you need help with, simply send us an email outlining your exact requirements, and one of our team members will be in touch and quote you according to your project.
Simply click here. It will take you to a form where you can enter details about your project. It is essential to add as much information as possible to quote you accordingly.

Cancellation and Refunds

Developers can be hired as part of a package. You can hire them for 1 hour to as long as you require. Depending on your package, you will have to pay for our developer's time with you—prices of up to £180+ VAT per hour.

Help & support

You can fill in our form with your exact requirements, and a member will get back to you.
You will be assigned a web developer to assist you with your project(s). You can request help from them using our form. You will be supplied with the relevant details when you have purchased one of our development offers.

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