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Create online courses quickly and easily

We believe it is essential to entirely understand where our clients are with their eLearning business. So whether you are just a start-up or a fully established business, we work alongside our clients to gather a deep understanding and tailor an eLearning platform that works as you need.

Our bespoke tailored system runs on a robust infrastructure that allows you to upload courses quickly and easily. In addition, you can set out your course, examinations and issue certificates automatically.

Create online courses quickly and easily
Straightforward to use and intuitive interface

Straightforward to use and intuitive interface

eLearning helps provide online training across a large number of sectors. Our interfaces are created according to your exact requirements. Simple and flow as expected by our clients, we work together to give learners the ability to use it with ease and allow users to perform relevant actions without thinking about it.

Our user-friendly interface allows students to search, filter easily, and view the courses on mobile, tablets, and desktops. As a result, learners are engaged and able to achieve the goals and navigate without getting lost or confused.

Straightforward to use and intuitive interface

Everything in one platform

Everything in one platform We can personalise the user experience precisely to your requirements and create a robust learning experience that feels like a classroom experience for your students. For example, giving you the freedom to run multiple courses with live classes to many students with automated alerts and simple programs with multiple choice exams.

Q&As instructors and students can interact in games, quizzes and collaborative projects. The modules allow you to incorporate a variety of styles into your teaching and help boost students' performance and knowledge retention levels.

Students, teachers, courses, and admin all in one platform means easy and effective communication and interactions which saves lots of unwanted time waste.

Everything in one platform

Our eLearning comes with a wide range of functions; some of them are listed below

Key Features

Student Manager

Teacher Manager

Admission Manager

Course Manager

Exam Manager

Books/Materials Manager

Blog & News Manager

Classes Manager (online / offline )

Communication Manager

Payment Manager

Accounts & Finance Manager

Enquiry Manager

Technologies we use

We build fantastic solutions for our clients with the latest technologies and protocols

Unlock your financial potential

These are just some of the benefits of eLearning systems

Low running cost

Why pay for an eLearning platform which is not structured specifically to your business needs and the unnecessary functions you don't tend to use. We keep our costs lower by charging you only for the facilities your business needs to flow and perform seamlessly.

Scalable platforms can be modified as your business grows and fit your ever-changing needs. Our platform helps you with every aspect of day to day operation, such as enquiries, admission, payments, students, teachers, courses, exams, allowing you to concentrate on building your business.

Low running cost
Exponential growth prospect

Exponential growth prospect

eLearning has revolutionised teaching clients and training staff with the options for individuals to learn at their own pace and time. You can have all the tools required to help you grow and connect with promotional offers and deals to your customers and set special arrangements for your market.

With your expertise in your course sector and our tools of communication system, you can reach more students through promotional emails and texts with your latest offers and discounts. Identify what your market is seeking and create courses to be steps ahead of your competitors. .

Exponential growth prospect

Global recognition

Why just target people in your local community? The world is your oyster regarding eLearning and reaching out to potential clients. Our eLearning platform supports many languages and accepts global currencies with its payment gateways.

Our cloud-based platform will detect local language and switch the platform accordingly, allowing you to admit students and teachers internationally.

Everything in one platform

Financial Benefits Summary

Our platform comes with many financial benefits, some of those outlined below

Advantages Included
Unlimited students admission
Fast application processing
Decreased paperwork
Efficient course management
Instant Reporting
Effective data management
All in one communication(Email, Text, Live chat)
Reduce running costs
Remote approach

Services included

  • Project Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Design & Branding
  • Development
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Maintenance


Complete our questionnaire, and one of our team members will contact you with the best solution. It is essential to understand how your business operates so we can create a secure and robust e-learning system for your staff and students. We then get to designing, building and tailoring it around your business and how it operates.


Once you are happy with the build, you will have an excellent e-learning platform. In addition, you can manage it with our team of experts and get regular system updates to make sure it runs smoothly, or you can host it with other providers.

Some of our e-Learning portfolios

We have had the opportunity to serve many clients with e-learning platforms; a few of them are listed below

How it works

We have the expertise to take your requirements, analyse them, and build a platform of your choice

Talk to an expert

Our technical team take the time to get an insight into your business and understand your current situation, whether you wish to start a new website from scratch or redesign and develop your current one. With many years in the industry, we have the in-depth knowledge to help you find solutions in getting the right software to help your business grow island expand with the latest digital technologies. You can meet us at our offices or arrange a phone or zoom call.

Talk to an expert

Select your package

Select your package

You will have more knowledge of how we can help progress your business. It will help you decide on the best package for moving forward. You can ask our experts questions. In addition, you will have access to our CRM (Client Relationship Management), where you can communicate with your dedicated project manager to discuss the progression of your website and submit technical queries.

Design & develop

Your allocated designer(s) will create the wireframe and designs for your website and listen to your feedback and input during the process to ensure that it has all the relevant functions designed and branded to your exact requirements. Then, with your approval, the next step is for the development team to bring it alive and ensure the functionalities and relevant extensions are all added to your system.

Design & develop

Test & debug

Test & debug

We transfer the website onto the beta server. Our quality assurance team will start testing the system before we hand it over to you to ensure the functions are running and operating correctly and ironing out any significant issues that may need correcting. You will receive the testing login details to test all the parts in the backend of the website and be able to use the processes the team created.

Feedback & approve

You can input the contents of your website, such as videos, images and text and start using it. Test the system, and our team will list any final amendments you wish to make. We must get it right for you, and we take everything on board and then implement your feedback and iron out any technical or cosmetic flaws it may have to ensure it all flows seamlessly.

Feedback & approve

Deliver & launch

Deliver & launch

With your feedback and full approval, we ensure that the website is fully secure and ready to go live. First, thoroughly test your website’s and your server’s security by checking if the highest standards have been followed and carrying out the leading security assessment. Then, we deliver it to you and host your website whilst monitoring it to make sure it launches smoothly.

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Our Solutions FAQ

Check our frequently asked questions and answers

e-Learning Platform

There are no main criteria if you are looking to create a brand new eLearning platform from scratch or Redesign and develop an existing one.
When you work with us, we will supply you with a questionnaire outlining the requirements to help us create your e-learning system.
Yes, all of our websites involve our team understanding the client's business and the types of courses they will offer. Then, we get to work on the website and tailor it to their requirements with the relevant details.
No. If another agency built your system, it might use a program that restricts expansion depending on how and with which software it was built. So it may end up costing you a lot more than creating it from scratch with us.
We have packages to choose from to view the number of students you can register for your course to select the best one that fits you.
We have different packages to choose from to select the correct number of teachers you wish to bring on board to run your courses for you and select the best package that fits you.
We have different packages to choose from to select the number of admin staff you wish to bring on board to do the admin duties. You will always have super admin access to your platform and add or remove admin users.
We have different packages; some will allow you to run up to two separate courses and others up to five. You can add as many courses to the system as you wish. Talk to an expert if you need a package tailored to your business.
It depends on the file size of your videos. The bigger the files are on your course, the more bandwidth is used, so you must select the correct package.
We advise that you keep your videos to a maximum of 1GB. This is because the more significant the file size, the higher the running costs and more bandwidth is needed, and depending on the speed of your customers, broadband can affect the rate, which may cause buffering.
Our premium package allows you to stream live classes to your audience.
You can have up to 200 students on your live streaming courses with ou premium package.
Depending on what country or countries you wish to target. We look at your Geotarget and will create a payment gateway that allows people in those countries to pay quickly online.


Our prices start from £9,999.00
No, we work in two main stages with our clients. First, we ask for a 50% deposit for the planning and design and development process when completing the website, and before it launches, we request the other 50% balance of the agreed total.
There are two different types of costs involved, first is the planning, design and development of the website we create for our clients. The second cost is the hosting, maintenance, and security, which allows your website to go live and handle the visitors on your platform.

Branding & Design

Yes, of course, you can. However, it is advised that you supply us with the raw files of the logo/design you choose to use as your branding, as it provides us with high-quality images of your brand.
Branding includes a logo tailored to suit your company and what you want to portray yourself. Then, you will be allocated a branding designer to work alongside.
After we have a complete understanding, we start by creating a wireframe to show you both the structure of the website and the sequence the clients will follow to enrol on the platform and the sequence of pages involved in your course(s).


Everyone's requirements are different, so we use the relevant technologies to suit the type of program you decide to create.
Yes, we will supply you with login details to the system as it goes through the second stages of web development to look at its overall functions and give feedback on the progress.
Your account handler will update you regularly on the design and development process and may ask you for your input during creating the website to ensure it all goes smoothly with no glitches.
Yes, you can. However, this involves additional costs. We advise you to inform us in the early stages of creation, preferably before or during the wireframing stage, to quote you correctly accordingly. Before the platform goes into development, there will be higher additional fees during the programming of the software.

Testing & Debugging

Your feedback is important to us throughout the design and development. Therefore, we will supply you with login details to our CRM (Client Relationship Management) to communicate with you and get your input.
Login to your CRM we supply you with, and your account manager will update you on the status of the process.


We offer various packages depending on the number of students you wish to create and the bandwidth of your program. Our prices for e-learning platforms start from £9,999.00
We back up your platform when you host with us every 24 hours for security purposes.
We back up all your content daily. We also update your source files weekly.
You can view the different packages we offer for maintaining your website. Click here.
Yes. We build you an e-learning platform, and you have the option to host it with a third party. After you thoroughly test the system and are happy with the product. Please note: When the files are handed to you, we will not be responsible for the outcome with your third party hosting or maintenance provider.
We maintain the website whilst you host with us to ensure no glitches and it runs smoothly. If you wish to make minor changes to the layout, we can assist you for up to 2 hours a month.
Our maintenance fees include hosting and the maintenance of your website.
Yes. You can. However, I advised you to inform us about your plans for the planning process. It ensures we choose the right platform to build your website and avoid higher fees during the redesign and development process.

Cancellations & Refunds

After you consult with the tech team, the creation process takes place. You can cancel the project; however, you will be charged £140+ VAT per hour for consultation, planning, design, and development.
You can cancel the maintenance at the end of the 12 months of hosting you signed up for or before your new year of hosting starts.
All hosting and maintenance contracts are automatically renewed. To cancel the renewal, simply login to your account and, under settings, select my account, where you can cancel the hosting and maintenance or you can contact us via email.

Training & Support

When we complete your project, our tech team will assist you in making sure you start on the right foot when using your platform.
Drop our tech team an email with your request, and one of our team members will get back to you.
We are available on hand from 09:00 to 18:00 UK time for all our customers.
You can contact us directly by clicking here.
Advise support is free to our new customers and accessible to customers on any maintenance packages.


Yes, you will have full access and right to all the codes
No - Proprietary

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