Security is our main priority

Improved performance, resilience and reduced costs

Cloud base

Our cloud-based server means that your website hosting is not only more secure. It also ensures that if your website comes under attack by default, it will be backed up and running by another server within our cluster.

This prevents your online business from experiencing any downtime and makes sure it runs a lot smoother.

Cloud base
Up to date software

Up to date software

We use the latest technologies to ensure that your website remains secure and minimise the chances of being attacked by hackers wishing to inject viruses. As a result, our websites are extra fast, and secure, and our team ensure your sites, apps and infrastructure are fully supported.

With our hosting and maintenance packages, you will be alerted when your software is in need of updating and with your approval our team can upgrade your website to keep it more secure.

Up to date software

Regular backup

We back up all our client's data with award-winning technologies continuously tested and enhanced for extra security to protect your business and data 24/7 to the highest standards.

Data privacy and security are critical today, with the threats consistently evolving. So we make sure to do the utmost in giving you cyber protection to safeguard your data.

Regular backup

Strategic health checks on your website, ensure you the highest level of security and maintenance.

Key Features

24/7 monitoring

No loss time

Regular backup

Secure data


Always someone to help

Latest tools and technologies

Performance Improvement

Real time reporting

Technologies we use

We build fantastic solutions for our clients with the latest technologies and protocols

Spend time on things that matters

Mantaince to growing your business

Avoid high Mantaince cost

With GGLink, you will be in safe hands when it comes to the security and maintenance of your website. We use the latest digital technologies to make sure your software is up to date and running smoothly and avoid any glitches that affect the overall running of your website.

Our costs are kept to a minimum as we keep the production moving to the asset and maintenance costs.

Avoid high Mantaince cost
No Down Time

No Down Time

We regularly test clients' websites to ensure no downtime. In addition, your website will always have backups on multiple servers with our cloud hosting. So no matter what unexpected hinders occur, your online business will always be running.

Our planned maintenance does not require any downtime helping to remove the unwanted impact on our clients.

No Down Time

Safe, secure & no loss of data

Our cutting-edge security helps keep your website safe and always up and running We consistently back up all critical files in our servers to ensure no data loss. Our database securities are fundamental, and we have the best practices for securing and hardening database access.

Your files will remain encrypted to enhance protection, and we have high-security authentication and authorisation.

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Financial Benefits Summary

Below is a summary of the projected financial benefits of the system.

Advantages Included
24/7 Monitoring
Daily backups
Rollback Options
Weekly maintenance
Technology updates
Update modules
Security scans
Performance optimisation
Improved page speed
Removal of broken links

Price includes

  • Project Summary
  • Project Technical brief
  • Technical Documentation
  • Project Milestone /Sprints
  • Support & Training
  • Backup and contingency Plan

We run a health check on all our client’s websites to ensure they are running smoothly and updating the relevant software. It is essential to maintain your website frequently to prevent hackers from exploiting outdated software.

At GGLink, we ensure your website software is updated, safe, and secure. We also advise clients on updates to the system, and with approval, we work together to keep it running with no glitches.

How we work

We have the expertise to take your requirements, analyse them, and build a platform of your choice

How we work

Helping 1,000+ SMEs over the past 18 years

Some of our Project Maintenance portfolios

We have had the opportunity to serve 100s of clients. Some of them are listed below.

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Our Solutions FAQ

Check our frequently asked questions and answers

Hosting & Maintenance

Hosting is allocated space on the webserver to store the website files. Web hosting takes the files that make up your website (images and codes) available for online viewing. All websites are hosted on what is known as a server.
Website maintenance is the monitoring of a website's health and overall performance. It is essential to keep your maintenance up to date to ensure the website is performing at its best capacity, providing security and increasing the number of new visitors, which helps boost traffic to your website.
We offer hosting and maintenance both as part of a package they come together. We can host and maintain a new or existing website you have.
No. Maintenance includes high security 24/7 to protect unwanted visitors again. However, we do not offer this as it will open your website up to getting hacked and losing private and valuable data.
With maintenance, you get regular components updates to ensure your website runs at the correct and highest capacity. It helps to resolve any bug issues that are slowing down your website's running. Without any maintenance or updates, it can open your website up to hackers who can place malicious software, which can cause financial loss and give them access to both your and your client's private data.
We offer many maintenance services, from updating security patches, updating the plugin, updating CMS versions, content updating, speed optimisation, website back-up, and enhancing the browser, including device compatibility.
We offer to host and maintain, which can be for as little as six months or a year, and automatically renewed, so there is no downtime.
You have multiple reasons to choose GGLink, including:
18 years experience
A team of experts across all platforms
Fast turnaround time
Plugin updates
Security updates
Free backups
Security 24/7
Website maintenance is continuous. This depends on your website's size, functionalities, and how often you request changes to be made. We quote you according to the number of hours we work on your project.
When you sign up for our web maintenance plan, we will request you to share the server login credentials, including other related credentials such as CMS login details, so we can help maintain your website. If you do not wish to share your credentials, we will not be responsible for the hosting of your website or for any problems which arise.


This depends on the type of website you have. Prices start from £10+VAT per month. Email us with your url, and we can quote you accordingly.
You can host for as little as three months with us.
Select and purchase the package you like, and we will host and maintain it for you. You will be billed monthly. Your package may need to be quoted separately so that you can send us your details, and we will quote you accordingly.

Cancellation and Refunds

It is essential to select the correct package and the duration you wish to host your website when you host with us. I.e., If you sign up to host for six months and decide to pull out after three months, we will not be able to refund you the balance.

Help & support

You can fill in our form with your exact requirements, and a member will get back to you to quote you on your hosting.
All our sites are backed up automatically 24/7, and our dedicated team of developers will monitor the website and ensure unwanted guests stay away from your website.

Is your project exceeding costs and time? We are here to help you.