IT Project Consultancy Services To Help You Grow

Requirement Analysis and Finalisation

Effective and efficient communication with our clients is the key to getting the perfect software solution. Our project consultants work closely with you to understand your business structure and website logistics to recognise the pain points and find what needs addressing.

Understanding clients' requirements make the planning development implementation faster and smoother. Create a technical breakdown of your website and issues which need addressing and how addressing the problems will help you overcome technical hurdles.

Requirement Analysis and Finalisation
Overcoming Technical Hurdles

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

Many clients face technical problems when expanding and scaling up their businesses. Your assigned project consultant will help your business in technical aspects, including websites and applications.

Creating all the relevant technical documentation, including a technical brief and project brief with the vital issue that needs prioritising to ensure no further technical problems occur later down the line.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles

Resource Planning & With Contingency

You will be consulted and advised on the technical measures you can take to avoid future problems. It's essential to have a contingency plan in place in case of any unplanned scenario happens. Many businesses fail at this point because they do not make plans in case their website gets attacked.

They can end up in a complete mess which is why our consultant will ensure it doesn't happen by having to create a website from scratch. A contingency plan and backup will keep you safe and prevent the loss of precious data.

Resource Planning & With Contingency

We provide a comprehensive document to help you and your team complete the project on time and within budget.

What you get

Project brief

Technical brief

Technical documentation

Project to-do list

Project Sprint/Milestone

Design & branding guideline

Development guideline

Content Guideline

Testing Guideline

Technologies we use

We build fantastic solutions for our clients with the latest technologies and protocols

Understand business need, outline solution

Save time, resources and money

Clarification On Project Scope And Costs

The technical team will run through your exact requirements and break down the entire cost so you can fully understand every single function and module required and the costs involved in implementing it onto your website.

Nothing is worse than a heavy bill and not knowing exactly where the time and money have gone in the development, so we remove the technical jargon when we show you a complete breakdown of the process.

Clarification On Project Scope And Costs
Process Improvements

Process Improvements

We work closely to automate our clients' experience and make dreams more of a reality by improving the old way of working and introducing a computerised form of working that can save time and money.

You can work with our technical team, who will be briefed by your project consultant and understand the system entirely before creating bespoke software to work exactly as your business requires.

Process Improvements

Increased productivity

This is where you will save money in your business with automation and less room for human errors. Many companies lose money due to time wasted in the way they work. The average person is productive for three hours in an 8-hour workday.

With new and improved software, you will notice the workflow smoother and fewer problems. As a result, it saves time and money, freeing up employees' time and making the business more efficient.

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Financial Benefits Summary

Our project consultation comes with many financial benefits, some of those outlined below

Advantages Included
Well defined project brief
Clear cut project scope
Milestone /Sprint Setup
Time Management
Cost Management
Team Management
Progress monitoring
Financial reporting
Solution orientated
Contingency plan

Price includes

  • Project Summary
  • Project Technical brief
  • Technical Documentation
  • Project Milestone /Sprints
  • Support & Training
  • Backup and contingency Plan

Our pricing structure depends on the amount of time you hire a team member. For example, you can hire a consultant for solely one hour a day or as long as you require one. Therefore, the prices depend on the duration of your project.

How we work

We have the expertise to take your requirements, analyse them, and build a platform of your choice

How we work

Helping 1,000+ SMEs over the past 18 years

Some of our consultation projects

We have had the opportunity to consult many clients; a few of them are listed below

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Our Solutions FAQ

Check our frequently asked questions and answers

Project Consultancy

A consultant can help you complete your project quickly and effectively. With vast knowledge and experience to offer you any complex tasks, they can advise you on the best steps and methods to complete your project.
A project consultant will ensure you reach your goals within the timeframe and budget the company has set. You will also have a contingency plan in place in case of unplanned scenarios. It can make everlasting positive changes to the outcome of your project and the running of the business.
Yes. Our IT consultants are fully qualified and experienced in helping small and medium-sized businesses to help them increase their business productivity and efficiency.
There are no restrictions on the amount of time. You can hire them for an hour, one day or for a project which expands beyond a year.
IT consultants are well experienced in the world of tech. As a result, they can bring insights into the building of your business.
  • Plan IT solutions for your business, including installation and maintenance.
  • Help you define the scope of your project.
  • Plan the structure for the creation of your website/business.
  • Show you the process of improving an existing website.
  • Handle your website's design, development, testing, debugging, launching, and training.
  • Create the relevant technical documentation for your business.
  • Give IT recommendations to help your business grow.
  • Educate you on the pros and cons of solutions available to you.
  • Advise you on the best solutions for your long term goals


Consultations are purchased as part of a project. Depending on the package you choose, you will have to pay for our consultant's time with you. Prices start from £115+ VAT per hour.
You can hire a consultant for as little as one hour, starting at £200+ VAT per hour.
We charge a 50% upfront consultation fee and the remainder at the end of your consultation.

Cancellation and Refunds

Consultations are purchased as part of a package. You can book from 1 hour to as long as you require. Depending on the package you choose, you will have to pay for our consultant's time with you and if you were offered a discount price as part of a package it will no longer be valid at the special hourly fee and will pay £200+VAT per hour.
This will depend on the package you selected. Clients typically pay a deposit upfront before a consultation. Therefore, depending on the package you selected, you will receive a refund less the fees, including VAT charged for the time spent for consultation.

Help & support

Our project consultations can be in person, via phone or via zoom call. They are followed by the relevant email.
Click here to visit our contact page, select project consultancy from the menu, and tell us a brief outline of your project. Then, one of our consultants will contact you about how we can help you.

Need help and Support to kickstart your project? We are here to help