How it all started

GGLink officially started in 2005 in London as a graphic design company

How it all started

GGLink started

GGLink started

GGLink started back in 2005 as a graphic and web design company consisting of one design and one developer working from the living room in an apartment based in Battersea.

Registered as a Limited Company

Registered as a Limited Company

In June 2012 grew its operations, created software solutions, and started trading as a Limited Company. Trading in a small office in Croydon.

Head office Moved to Croydon

GGLink started

Guru Graphics Ltd was growing and soon expanded to a larger and more spacious floor in the block with clients in both the UK and Asia.

Expanded to Dhaka

Expanded to Dhaka

In September 2016, Guru Graphics Ltd opened its office operations in the heart of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is now hiring some of the city's top designers and developers.

Started Mobile Web Development

Started Mobile Web Development

We have started developing a mobile web application for our clients, and Mobile web is different from a responsive website. It's a purposeful mobile website designed and developed to work on small devices.

Started Application Development

Started Application Development

We have expanded our team and added mobile app development as part of our solution, and we are working with react native framework to develop applications for both android and IOS

Story of GGLink FAQ

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Our Solutions

We have a large number of software solutions, and the primary six we are offering here are:
1. eLearning
2. eCommerce
3. CRM
4. Booking System
5. Networking platforms
6. Healthcare Systems
Contact us with your requirements.
One of our experts will go through it and contact you for any clarification. We will then send you a quotation for your project.
This all depends on the product you select. Our design and branding can start at £299, and our bespoke software solutions tailored to our client's requirements start at £9,999.
Our tech team collects all the relevant information in our London offices and creates technical documentation and wireframing for your project. Once you approve this, it is passed to our technical team based in Dhaka, where our team of developers and tester will carry out the technical work, including coding and testing the website.

Our Services

We offer our services in six main areas of web development, including:
1. Project Consultation
2. Project Management
3. Design & Branding
4. Development
5. Testing & Debugging
6. Mantaince
Contact us with your requirements.
One of our experts will read up on your requirements and contact you for further clarification. We will then send you a quotation for your project.

Our Team

We have a team in our London office and a team in our Dhaka office.
We are a team of 20+ project managers, project consultants, designers, developers and testers. We also have 300+ on standby for our projects.
Our teams have between 3 and 18 years of experience in design and development.
We take on any size project

Contact & Support

Marco Polo House, 3-5 Lansdowne Rd, Croydon CR0 2BX
Doreen Tower (level-10), House No:8-A/10, Dhanmondi, Dhaka - 1209
Monday - Friday ( 9AM - 5PM) - GMT
Monday - Friday ( 11:30AM - 9PM) GMT+6