Testing web platforms for zero errors

Reolving any technical flaws to ensure your website is perfect from live launch.

Software that’s works

Our software is tailored entirely bespoke to individual client's requirements; regardless of their business type or size. We take pride in always creating quality software for our clients; surpassing their expectations and delivering the best possible solution to fit their needs and all of the idiosyncrasies of their business. No two businesses are the same and so no two business has the same requirements. We get that, and we work with it.

We build your website and create a system tailored completely to your organisation. Our testing team rigorously tests all of our software to ensure it performs to all requirements, and to execute it perfectly across all platforms and scenarios; for your business and its users. Admins, super admins and individual users on your website will all be guaranteed a superb experience.

Software that’s works

Enhanced Performance

Businesses need to save both time and money to keep up withtoday's fast-paced work industries. Automation is the key to reducing human errors and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Our team works with you to modify the software, ensuring it works as efficiently as possible and that no time is wasted As a result, our clients all notice vastly increased efficiencies in their digital working.

Safety and security

We develop our websites and applications to the highest possible security standards – and our comprehensive knowledge of security assessments allows us to provide top notch bespoke security for any site or software solution, no matter how unusual!

We use the most secure cloud solutions for our hosting and provide all clients with a valid SSL certificate as an extra security system.

Safety and security

Some of the key features of our testing and debugging services

Key Features

Functionality Testing

Role-based/Use case testing

Usability Testing

Accessibility Testing

Interface Testing

Performance Testing

UI/UX Testing

Branding Test

Tools based testing

Device Testing

Security Testing

Mobile First Testing

Technologies we use

We build fantastic solutions for our clients with the latest technologies and protocols

Customer focused, maximising data use

Automate, optimise and grow digital

Avoid Costly Defects and Other Launch Issues

We work with you right from the start and plan the software for your project thoroughly; from conception to completion. Planning is vital to the success of any web project and we don't take it lightly when creating the right solution for your business.

After analysing your software requirements, we prioritise the features that matter most, ensuring anything affecting the running of your business is a critical component. Analysis is a vital part of creating your website for both security and usability; andour testers vigorously test all systems both as a user and admin to ensure that there are no glitches in the overall performance. You and your clients will be able to start using it straight away.

Avoid Costly Defects and Other Launch Issues

Improved user engagement

We create an intuitive interface for your visitors to navigate. Nowadays, more people are using their mobiles to surf the web, so it’s crucial that your website and branding are consistent across all devices. Mobile responsiveness is critical.

Our testing team ensures that visitors’ experience on your site is as easy and positive as possible.. No matter what functions you require to improve the users' overall experience and engagement, we can make sure you have all the necessary tools ready to use.

Reputation and customer confidence

People are now more concerned about trusting online businesses than ever. We carry out all the building, testing and debugging required to ensure the overall design and development run smoothly.

With our robust platform and technical team, you are guaranteed a safe and secure platform to help build reliability and trust by customers. We believe in putting them first and catering the functions and facilities to their needs no matter what type of business they’re in – and it’s this bespoke approach that has earnt us industry respect and numerous repeat customers.


Financial Benefits Summary

Below is a summary of the projected financial benefits of the system.



Improve website speed
Improve security
Boosts rankings
Remove hurdles
Improve usability
Increase customer confidence
Improve responsiveness
Improve customer journey
Build customer trust
Returning customers

Price includes

  • Testing Brief
  • Well Documentated Test Cases
  • Documentations & Guideline
  • Frontend, Backend, Database Testing
  • Testing Tools & Assets
  • Test Case Templates

We take our time to understand your website and the audience visiting your platform, including the devices they will use and operating systems. We then look into their connection speeds to better understand what needs addressing.

You can hire one tester or even a team to help gain insight into the customer journey on the pages of your website. In addition, our coding team will help debug your system and remove all the unnecessary.

How we work

We have the expertise to take your requirements, analyse them, and build a platform of your choice

How we work

Helping 1000+ SME businesses over the past 16 years

Some of our Project testing portfolios

We have had the opportuity to serve 100s of clients some of them are listed below

Our Solutions FAQ

Check our frequently asked questions and answers

Getting started

There are no main criteria if you are looking to create a brand new eLearning platform from scratch or Redesign and develop an existing one
When you work with us, we will supply you with a questionnaire outlining the requirements to help us create your website.
Yes, all of our websites involve our team understanding the client's business and the types of courses they will offer. Then, we get to work on the website and tailor it to their requirements with the relevant details
No. This is because many systems are restricted depending on how and with which software they are built. So it may end up costing you a lot more than creating it from scratch with us


Our prices start from £9,999.00
No, we work in two main stages with our clients. First, we ask for a 50% deposit for the planning and design and development process when completing the website, and before it launches, we request the other 50% balance of the agreed total.
We normally ask for a 50% upfront payment for the project. We also give an alternative option where you can pay for milestones. We split the project down into different components and you pay for each mile stone upfront making it easier to may in installments along the way.
There are two different types of costs involved, first is the planning, design and development of the website we create for our clients. The second cost is the hosting, maintenance, and security, which allows your website to go live and handle the visitors on your platform.

Testing & Debugging

A tester can help you complete your test your project effectively before it is launched to make sure there are no glitches in the overall running of your website. We have a team of testers to help our clients with their projects.
A tester will give unbiased opinions towards your website and they take into consideration the overall user experience to find any issues in the flow of a user's experience.
A faultless system will boost your sales.
Tested system boost confidence and reduce downtime.
There are no restrictions on the amount of time. You can hire them for an hour, one day or a project which expands beyond a year.

Cancellations & Refunds

After you consult with the tech team, the creation process takes place. You can cancel the project; however, you will be charged £145+ VAT per hour for consultation, planning, design, and development.
You can cancel the maintenance at the end of the 12 months of hosting you signed up for or before your new year of hosting starts.
If you decide to withdraw from the contract you will be liable for the number of hours carried out by our consultation, design and development work carried out at £145.00 p/h
All contracts are automatically renewed. To cancel the renewal, simply login to your account and, under settings, select my account, where you can cancel the hosting and maintenance.

Project keep exceeding cost and time ? We are here to help you