How to Hire the Right Software Developer?

Hiring a software developer is an arduous task. If your organisation fails to find the right match, it will cost you money and time. Not just this, hiring the wrong candidate can pull down your existing software team as well. So, if your company is developing a new app for devices like mobile phones and computers, hire only the best candidate. 

Let’s assume that you have two candidates and you are not sure who to hire and who will be the right fit for your company. And considering the shortage of talent in this particular field, you can’t take any risk. So, if you are thinking of hiring a software developer, here are some tips that will help you find the right candidate for your company. Keep reading. 

Differentiate by Project 

There will be multiple projects in your company. A software developer fit for one project may not be suitable for another. In addition, some projects may require niche skills, such as programming skills, machine learning skills, etc. So, keep in mind the project you want to hire the software developer for. Every project will have different requirements. Your search for a software developer needs to be based on the work that the developer will look after. 

Education, Hard Skills, and Additional Certifications 

A software developer will typically have many skills, including database management, algorithm coding, design and architecture, testing, debugging, DevOps methodologies, and information analysis. However, it would help if you looked into their college education, certifications, in case you have special requirements, and also hard skills. For example, the applicant might have only a college degree in the same field or a college degree in another field but have done some certifications. 

Experience Matters 

Generally, it is better to go with a software developer who has demonstrated skills. And this is the reason why experience should be given weight. Ask the candidate about the number of years they have worked, who was their previous employer, any recognition or apps that they have built, and any other questions that you can think of. If you want to hire an experienced candidate, remember that they will have some expectations regarding their salary. Experienced candidates ask for more wages than candidates without any experience. 

Soft Skills Are Important 

Along with hard skills, there’s another crucial aspect that you should consider: their soft skills. A software developer with many years of experience is undoubtedly a good bargain, but soft skills make them a good team player. Check for their communication skills, and find out whether they will be able to work and gel well with the existing team. Other than soft skills, you should consider collaboration skills, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, flexibility, and time management skills. 

Is the Candidate Culturally Fit?

Picture the candidate with your entire team, whether you are hiring a candidate for remote work or at-office work. Will the candidate fit in with the team, do they have the right attitude, is the candidate friendly, and so on. A candidate can have everything, but if they fail to fit in culturally, they can affect the efficiency of projects. 

Quick Tips 

Now that you know about the qualities you should look for, here are tips that will help you find a software developer with all the qualities you are looking for. 

  • Broaden your network if you are serious about hiring good employees. Get in touch with the existing workforce, and if you have professional contacts, we recommend speaking to them. This will help you find new, better, and more promising programmers. 

Finding the right and culturally fit candidate for your organisation may take some time, but don’t hire someone abruptly. Understandably, you will want someone to join your company as soon as possible, but this is where most organisations go wrong. So prioritise the importance of searching for a suitable candidate rather than any candidate. 


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