8 Stages of Website Development

Anyone with a website will vouch that designing and building a website is never easy. A lot more goes into developing a website than you may think. Web development is more than merely implementing codes or working on the design and layout; it also needs proper maintenance. 

A website is the face of a business; you need to ensure that your website is always up and running and impresses your visitors. In addition, anyone visiting your website should find whatever they are searching for. So, to develop a website, there are seven stages that every website builder should be mindful of. 

Stage 1: Gather information 

Before you connect with a website development company, the first thing that you should be sure about is what you want to convey through your website. You need to have as much information about your company as possible. Be confident about your goals and objectives, whether you want to sell services or products, what information you will display on your website, etc. These things will help you create a good website. Also, find out who your target audience is, their age, demographics, etc. 

Stage 2: Start Planning 

Once you have enough information about your website, the next thing you need to do is create a wireframe and sitemaps for your website. A wireframe will allow you to have a visual idea of your website, and the sitemaps will help you create a website based on the information collected in the first stage. Next, think of different functions you want to include in your website, such as sign up, log in, live chat, admin, email subscription/newsletters, etc. 

Stage 3: Design Process

The next stage is designing. You will have to consider your target audience. Of course, you will like to incorporate your objectives in your design, but you also need to think about how others will perceive your website. So, take this time to think of the content, layout, colour scheme, theme, video, audio, images, etc. Ensure that the design of your website doesn’t look too heavy and not too dull. It has to be clean and easily understandable. 

Stage 4: Development Process

The development process is where your website will begin to be built. First, you need to connect with a reliable web developer who would run some codes. The developer will also ensure that the website runs smoothly and functions correctly. The graphic design part will also be included in the development process. 

Stage 5: Content Creation 

A website without content is just a blank canvas. Content will help you convey what your website is here for. You can connect with a content agency to write content for your website; ask your content team to do it for you. The content has to resonate well with the visitors. There will be headings, metadata, subheads, etc.

Stage 6: Testing Process 

Now that the design is set and the content is in place, the next thing that you need to do is test the website. This is one of the essential parts of web development. While testing, ensure that every page and link are on par and nothing is broken; along with this, you should also run the content through a spelling check software and check script and forms. The testing process will include website speed, multiple screen tests, cross-browser compatibility, and website speed. The test process is crucial before launching a website. 

Stage 7: Maintenance Process 

After proper testing, the website is launched. But the work doesn’t end here. Even if the website is launched, you need to ensure that the website is performing well. Website developers will always be on the radar and will check the website’s performance all the time. Multiple tasks have to be taken care of by the organisation, for example, customer feedback, project documents, etc., and that’s why the maintenance process has equal weightage. 


These are the seven stages of website development, and every step is essential. We are living in a cut-throat world where online presence is a must. And to create an online impression, businesses should think about hiring the best and most reliable website developer who will take care of everything. If you are looking for a website development company, get in touch with us. 


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